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Blouses & Tops

A Great Choice of Unique Blouses

With a Unique Choice of Alternative Designs and Styling.
As usual our focus is on Colour - and with a comfortable generous cut, all of our blouses are manufactured from a high quality fabric that keeps our blouses looking smarter for much longer.
For leisure and pleasure, office or formal, we are confident that we have a style to suit your requirements.

Blue Cotton Blouse
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Price Reduction on These Blouses  !

Manufactured from a 100% cotton fine-textured easy-care fabric, with clear, accurate computer embroidery on the breast, collar and yoke - also supplied with easily removable shoulder padding as standard, supported by extremely generous comfort-fit range:
Sizes 8-10  12-14  16-18  20-22  24-26  28-30
These great blouses have a selection of 5 unique embroidery designs, and a choice of short or long buttoned sleeves.
This is the Blue version of these cotton embroidered blouses



Casual Safari Tunic-Blouse
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authentic thai safari tunic blouses
Authentic imported casual blouses with an extremely unique and stand-out appearance.
Choices of Regular, Scoop or Mandarin collar, with matching trousers and wrap-skirts as required.
Manufactured from an easy-care light-weight Class A Rayon fabric and decorated with unique printed 'Elephant' motifs.

Casual Thai Tunic-Blouse
Availability: In Stock

Another Authentic imported Casual Blouse with an extremely unique and stand-out appearance - manufactured from an easy-care medium-weight 100% cotton fabric - printed with abstract fruit designs and patterns.
Sizes Available : 10/12, 14/16, 18/20
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Denim Embroidered Blouse
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Manufactured from a 100% fine-textured Medium-Weight Cotton Denim fabric
, with clear, accurate computer embroidery on the breast, and also on the rear shoulder yoke - with metallic buttons as standard as you would expect on Denim Garments.
There are 2 choices of motif pattern :-
Style001 Rose Theme
Style002 Butterfly Theme
An Extensive Fitting Range is available from Size 8 right up to Size 28.
These unique blouses are manufactured to our specification and demonstrate the beauty of Denim Fabric, have an outstanding appearance and are "built to last" .

Fine-Cotton Embroidered Blouse
Availability: In Stock

Stylish Economy
A unique casual blouse selection manufactured from a fine comfort fit Thai-Cotton easy-care fabric. With a selection of beautifully embroidered floral patterns on the chest, collar and sleeve ends. There is a wide range of sizes available with a choice of a standard or a mandarin style collars and oriental-styled buttons.


Don't forget - if you're not sure about your size requirements, please don't hesitate to call us on our Lo-Call line 0845 527 6053 [ or leave a message and we'll call you back ]