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Asymmetrical Casual Dress

Categories : Dresses  ,  Asymm Dresses
Brand: TSaL(UK) Ltd.
Product Code: TSaL004g
Location: United KIngdom
Availability: In Stock
Price: £22.99

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new bodyline casual dresses
A selection of casual asymmetrical dresses
, otherwise known as 'handkerchief' dresses.
Each dress is manufactured from a unique medium-weight blended polyester fabric, which has been designed with a bidice stretch-to-fit and give an outstandingly flattering appearance.
These are part of our new imported range offering diverse and  outstanding visual appeal whilst once again providing a cool European Comfort Flexible Fit.

Due to the styling of the Asymmetrical Dresses it is difficult to be specific about the Length.
But please take note that the Mannequin on which the dresses are presented is 6 feet tall.

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