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Cheongsam Long

Oriental Cheongsam Dress (long)
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The Chinese Dresses we stock are now enjoying a growing rise in popularity in the World of International Fashion and are also bright flowers in the Oriental Cultural Fashion scene because of their feminine grace and elegance.
Each style element of our Chinese Evening Dresses is crucial in creating the overall beauty of the dress.
The collar of the Cheongsam is high and close-fitting, not just for warmth but also to highlight the natural beauty of the wearers neck and enhance and accentuate the bosom.
The slits on each side of the dress are not only for convenience of movement but also to provide a discreet sensuality whilst displaying a woman's legs.

Shimmering Satin for that Special Occasion

The fabric material used to make our Cheongsams is a subtle yet glossy satin which is both soft and visually attractive and designed to give the wearer a stand-out appearance.


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