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Satin-Silk Kimono

Categories : Kimono Gowns  ,  NightWear
Brand: TSaL(UK) Ltd.
Product Code: TSaL014a
Location: United KIngdom
Availability: In Stock
Price: £36.99

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Satin Silk Kimonos
Reversible kimonos ("happi" robes) with matching sash, 2 side pockets and wide 3/4 length sleeves.
Print-designed with patterns of dragons & double happiness lanterns.
A vivid-colour embroidered dragon is on the inside reversible lining which is in black satin-silk.
The satin-silk material makes this sensuous reversible-lined kimono extremely comfortable to wear in the house or by the pool.

Length from collar to hem is @ 44 inches
European sizing SM M L XL available

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