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Selected Skirts

The skirt has developed over a long period of time.
Maybe the popularity of a skirt can be attributed to its versatility – you could wear a skirt to a strictly formal occasion such as a business sit down dinner, a semi formal occasion such as a party and even to a casual situation such as poolside at your favourite holiday destination.
The great thing about skirts is that you could look different every single day, wearing the same skirt, if you just alter the top and accessories you wear to accompany it.

So what defines which skirt should be worn on what kind of occasion - possibly it is a matter of  personal preference and experience.....or a combination of both.
We stock a diverse range of skirts with both Oriental and European styling, for you to choose from - and they come in all shapes and sizes...just like women !

Gypsy Skirt Long
Availability: In Stock

short tie dye skirts
Our Body-Line ankle length skirts which have no tiers or ruffles are are our version of the popular Gypsy skirt.
We call them 'Body-Line' because they are manufactured from a Rayon/Polyester stretch-fabric which whilst free and easy to wear will promote a flattering body-shape appearance.
Fabric normally decides if the skirt should be worn on a formal occasion or casual, but in this case these skirts can be worn anywhere - leisure and pleasure, office or formal.

Length:(approx)102cm/40ins [waist-hem]

Patchwork Skirt
Availability: In Stock

short patchwork skirts
Great range of unique skirts in sizes 6-8  10-12  14-16. for casual wear with a top to complement the abstract concept..
Also look out for for the three length choices available [ short, midi, full ]..- check the Size Guide
These Patchwork-style skirts have been manufactured from a stretch-polyester ideal for those bumps and lumps !
The waistband is also stretchable too !
Vibrant contrasting patches of pure colour, these skirts are handmade to an individual design so we have to tell you that each skirt design may vary because of this. - which just adds to the unique appeal of this amazing skirt.

Short Denim Skirt
Availability: In Stock

short stonewashed denim skirts
All One Price: £12.99
A selection of denim skirts to enhance your casual wardrobe - Manufactured from an extremely durable stonewashed denim fabric - Some of our skirts are enhanced by attractive hardware applique patches.

NOTE: Belts NOT included

Short Tie Dye Skirt
Availability: In Stock

short tie dye skirts
These attractive tie-dye short skirts will fit size range 8-20 inclusive - selectable.
Each skirt has matching waist tie-straps which can be used at the front side or at the back.
The fabric is 100% Rayon and very easy to wash and iron.

Thai Wrap Sarong
Availability: Out Of Stock

short tie dye skirts
Manufactured from 100% Cotton Batik Fabric which is absolutely ideal for the purpose.
Wrap skirts should be light, bright and flexible to wear, ideal for 'chillaxing' in the home or on the beach, particularly the latter where you can quickly un-wrap and dive into the warm blue waters of your holiday destination.
Easy to wear and easy to pack folded small in a corner of your suitcase.


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