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Thai Silk Fabric

thai silk fabric for dressmaking

Thai Silk Fabric for DressMaking

We are also retailers of Thai Silk, a beautiful hand-woven fabric, noted for its exceptional luster, texture and its striking complement of contrasting colors -- such as emerald green and magenta, or deep blue and shocking pink -- vibrant but still coexisting in perfect harmony. We have a wide range of Thai Silk fabric swatches available in a selection of colours, widths and lengths depending on your dressmaking requirements.
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Thai Silk Scarf
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100% Thai Silk Scarves

choice of six colours
Thai Silk is one of the most valued and widely acclaimed fabrics in the international world of high fashion. One distinguishing factor that sets Thai Silk apart from other silks is the wave-like texture of the Thai Silk threads. This combined with Thailand's historical individualistic tradition of expert hand-woven craftsmanship is what makes Thai Silk famous all over the world for its pure elegance and lasting beauty. These scarves are an outstanding example of the unique quality of Thai Silk
Dimensions: length 72ins(183cm) width10ins(26cm)


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