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Thai Wrap Sarongs

Our Wrap-Sarongs

In North America and Europe, hip wraps are worn as beach wear, or as a cover-up over swimwear.
The wrap is often made of a thin, light fabric, often rayon but normally light-weight cotton.
They may also have ties, which are long thin straps of fabric which the wearer can tie together to prevent the wrap from falling down.
Our Wrap Sarongs are manufactured to our own unique design with an integral waist-band and extended tie-ups for flexible size adjustments.

Thai Wrap Sarong
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short tie dye skirts
Manufactured from 100% Cotton Batik Fabric which is absolutely ideal for the purpose.
Wrap skirts should be light, bright and flexible to wear, ideal for 'chillaxing' in the home or on the beach, particularly the latter where you can quickly un-wrap and dive into the warm blue waters of your holiday destination.
Easy to wear and easy to pack folded small in a corner of your suitcase.


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